Changing University

If you are looking for so long to go to Australia, you are standing here at the just right place. Australia Education Group Pty Ltd is one of the largest Education Consultant in Australia, operating from Melbourne and Perth. The Main agenda is not to find a Educational or Migration consultant In Australia but the major thing is to find a reliable agency to discuss the issues to resolve. We always try to provide the best services to all our International Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi students for their university admissions and applying for visa extensions and T.R.

Why have you chosen Australia for the study purpose?

There are many reasons which make this country one of the best place to study. Australia has been the excellent destination because its extraordinary education system as well as it has rich culture, amazing weather and many sports activities. A lot of Australian universities are at the top of the World’s Top Ranked Universities.

What to do if you need to change your university?

Changing University In Australia and city is the student right where to study. However, We can assist you to take the right step by providing you the support. Usually, for suppose, you want to switch to Bachelor of Engineering to Bachelor of Nursing, that is what you can do it directly with your university counsellor and we can also provide you assistance. However, You want to get transferred the course to other universities you must need to complete the 1st semester of the principle course before applying for release letter. Once you finish your 6 calendar Months of the principle course you are not required release letter. If you are hanging your course within the subclass by which your visa was granted you are not required to apply for a new visa, however, For example: if your visa was granted for master level which is 500 High Education Subclass and if you intend to transfer the course to diploma level you are absolutely breaching your visa conditions and you are must be required to discuss with department of Immigration or have to apply for another visa.. All the education providers require the documented procedure to complete the process and you must Make sure you have entirely understood their transfer policy.

Australia Education Group is here to help:

Besides all this, if you want to get admission in any university or college in Australia while you are overseas Australia Education Group is definitely available to provide services for offshore students. If you face any sort of difficulty, you will find us there for you to assister further process. We are committed to ease the things for international students during the admission and visa process.

if you are looking for the best education consultant in Australia, an education consultant in Perth, or education consultant in Melbourne, we are the right choice for you. We will assist you from day one to your last day in Australia. You can rely completely on Australian Education Group as lots of other people do.