Changing Course

There are a number of people who are studying in Australia and want to change there course. In this scenario, They need to have an education consultant. There are a number of Education Consultants in Australia but we are the best choice for you. Australia Education Group Pty Ltd is considered the best migration and education consultant in Melbourne, Perth and Cairns Australia. We are here to assist you in navigating all the requirements, Our team, having years of experience, can suggest you the best solutions for your problem throughout the migration process. At the start, you may don’t know about the applying process, or what is the suitable visa based on your eligibility. After the completion of the initial process, you may need to get help in various areas while studying in Australia. For example, you got admission in one of the top-ranked universities in Australia but you aren’t satisfied with the course you have chosen for yourself. You desire to change your course but don’t know how to do it according to the proposed college & university requirements. Moreover, being an international student, you may feel confused while handling the process. In this scenario, you need some experienced people who can assist you further.

Can I change my course being an international student in Australia?

Being an international student in Australia, you might feel like choosing the desired institute and the course which obviously again a bid decision. you must invest a reasonable amount of time in making the right decision and you should realize that you haven’t chosen the right course of study as you don’t find it the best choice for your career. What to do in this scenario?

Speaking to our one of the most experience counsellor or the student advisor in your city can help you to find out the best course and institutions which would help in the future for a career. We can assist you to take the right step by providing you the support. Usually, for suppose, you want to switch to Bachelor of Engineering to Bachelor of Nursing, that is what you can do it directly with your university counsellor and we can also provide you assistance. However, You want to get transferred the course to other universities you must need to complete the 1st semester of the principle course before applying for release letter. Once you finish your 6 calendar Months of the principle course you are not required release letter. If you are hanging your course within the subclass by which your visa was granted you are not required to apply for a new visa, however, For example: if your visa was granted for master level which is 500 High Education Subclass and if you intend to transfer the course to diploma level you are absolutely breaching your visa conditions and you are must be required to discuss with department of Immigration or have to apply for another visa.. All the education providers require the documented procedure to complete the process and you must Make sure you have entirely understood their transfer policy.

Australia Education Group has the experience of 4 years thus we can suggest you the best possible solutions, making the things simpler. We are a team of experienced and expert members so we will be there for you to solve any problem you face. Making a few big decisions like choosing right institute and then the right course is a part of the educational journey in Australia. You also might face difficulties in the way but don’t worry we are here to help you and in making the things easier according to the rules and regulation which are set by Immigration department and Universities. So, if you are looking for top Education consultant in Australia, Education consultant in Perth or Education consultant in Melbourne, Australian Education Group is the right option for you.